Based on the multiple awarded tabletop role playing game Sine Requie, Snake Eyes is an investigative horror RPG with a strong strategic component. The game reveals the investigative tale of inquisitor Rossano Mazzoni, that will bring him to travel between the Tuscan Mountains in an alternative version of 1954, in which the dead arise to eat the flesh of the living.

Sine Requie is a tabletop role playing game published and distributed by Asmodee, winner of six national and international awards, and developed in more than fifteen years of work, with numerous expansions that describe a world filled with horror and mystery.


Original Setting

Developed within 15 years, with hundreds of characters, mysteries and dangers.

Mature and engaging story

Solve a mystery filled with plot twists in this interactive story!

Marvellous Illustrations

Inspired by Italian paintings from the early ‘900s to provide an immersive experience.

Death never sleeps

In the world of Sine Requie, anyone that dies returns to eat the flesh of the living, even your companions.

Tarot-based mechanics

Every tarot has a unique effect on the story and the actions of the characters, choose your fate carefully!

Resource Management

Your party must survive not only the bite of the dead, but also that one of hunger! Will you manage to reach Ravenna still breathing?

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